2 Maquinas Beaver SB16 con base

Perfecta combinacion de dos maquinas Beaver en un excelente precio. 

                                               ¡¡Con base incluida!!

2 Maquinas Beaver SB16 con base

  • Chicle Bola
  • Capsula 
  • Pelota
  • Dulce Agranel

Preguntas más frecuentes

How does the workshop run?

Participants only need to lay down flat on their back or sit upright for the duration of the breathwork session. Tim creates a specific playlist and program that can be customised to the team or the company. To ensure that everyone understands the breathwork, Tim explains the techniques that everyone will use, what they might expect physically, emotionally or spiritually and he takes care that everyone is comfortable with the breathing practice. Small adjustments may be needed for some people so that they are safe during the practice. Tim will also check for contraindications and all participants will need to complete a health waiver prior to the practice. Tim delivers powerful journeys that have helped people have incredible breakthroughs. He is a master of his craft and he is dedicated to creating powerful journeys that have a deep impact, even for people who have never done this type of practice. He has an enormous capacity to hold space and help people feel calm and relaxed.

Where do we have the workshop?

A venue or room large enough for all participants to lay on the floor comfortably. Enough mats and/or blankets for each person. A venue with a personal sound system is useful but not essential. Some people prefer to use eye masks given the light found in most corporate offices, but these are not essential. These can be arranged if needed, just let Tim know. The most important ingredient for a successful workshop is for team members to have a curiosity about what may be possible, an open mind and willingness to show up.

How much will it cost?

Pricing depends on a range of factors such as the facilities, the requirements and the number of participants. Different options are available and could be: ✅ a short class, ✅ a workshop, ✅ a full day event, or ✅ to multiple-day events in the United Kingdom or internationally. Contact +447450507056 for more details and booking information or book a brief call.

What about Away Days & Corporate Events?

As a SOMA Breath Awakening Instructor, Tim can also cater for teams that a want a more immersive experience that combines breathing with music and physical activities. These are perfect for away days and corporate events where people want to experience something completely unique!

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